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  1. Is Susan Polgar, and not Paul Truong, the real Fake Sam Sloan?
  2. Polgar Backhands Dylan Mc Clain and Violates Copyright
  3. USCF Legal Defense Fund for Polgar vs. USCF
  4. How to improve GetClub?
  5. Most top players despise FIDE
  6. Polgar Answer's USCF Complaint
  7. Awfully quiet at chessdiscussion.con
  8. Re: Drugs at Olympics - Ivanchuk is the Refusenik
  9. Very nice game by Zebediah !!!
  10. GetClub playing like a Big Elephant.
  11. Re: Whirled Championship
  12. Nicolaus Copernicus
  13. New Lawsuit: CYBERCAFES, LLC vs. USCF
  14. chess
  15. GetClub Tree is growing slowly.
  16. The Problem with Tim Sawmiller as Moderator of the USCF Issues Forum
  17. The $25 USCF Member
  18. Trolgar Endorsed Board Candidates
  19. Help bot still able to beat the Baby Level.
  20. Gregory Alexander Squirms As the Bus Approaches
  21. Now, only Rybka can beat GetClub.
  22. Left 4 Dead Full -great games
  23. Left 4 Dead Full -great games
  24. Who Should Pay?
  25. Prospective Candidates for USCF Election
  26. Best game by Wlod.
  27. Is the USCF on its last legs?
  28. Mediation? Sure, But First
  29. Gregory Alexander's 37-;page submission to the Federal Court
  30. To Those On the Dark Side
  31. Re: Pitäisikö liikenneministerin erota joka vuosi?
  32. Letter from Paul Truong to Jerome Hanken
  33. Bobby Fischer vs. The Rest of the World
  34. Blagojevich vs Truong
  35. Re: Chess anecdote
  36. The Questions Polgar (and Hubby) Should Be Asking
  37. Rob the Robber to Run for USCF Executive Board
  38. Cutting to the Chase About Polgar's Law Suit
  39. Herman Steiner designed sets
  40. Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory is now available at Barnes and Noble
  41. Modern Joeski and Fuseki by Sakata Eio is now available at Barnes andNoble
  42. Really Learn Spanish by Joe Tamargo is available at Barnes and Noble
  43. Elista Diaries by Anatoly Karpov and Ron Henley is available atBarnes and Noble
  44. Elista Diaries by Anatoly Karpov and Ron Henley is available atBarnes and Noble
  45. Sound and Fury in Polgarland
  46. A Song For Gregory that Susan Might Sing to Him
  47. Re: Fide Reversal over Gran Prix
  48. Ken Rogoff
  49. Scientists say, don't be afraid of brain drugs...
  50. My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House is available at Barnesand Noble Bookstores
  51. Mafia Moll: The Judith Exner Story, the Life of the Mistress of JohnF. Kennedy is available at Barnes and Noble
  52. chessdiscussion and Trolgar's Apologist/Minion
  53. Re: Herman Steiner designed sets
  54. How to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English is now at Barnes and Noble
  55. Watson on the Play of the Hand at Contract Bridge is available atBarnes and Noble
  56. Liability on the Polgar Blog?
  57. All Quiet on RGCP
  58. Bogner's Banned Posting
  59. Re: Bob Wade
  60. My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923 by Alekhine is now available atBarnes and Noble
  61. Chess from Morphy to Botvinnik by Imre Konig is now at Barnes andNoble
  62. Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  63. Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess is now at Barnes and Noble
  64. Come on and hear, Alexander's Ragtime Motions to Dismiss
  65. Response to George on Polgar Lawsuits
  66. $350,000 bequest received by USCF
  67. What to do when a good puppet is not good?
  68. Judge James C. Turk has a little problem
  69. chessdiscussion Spin
  70. Great Posting by Steve of Tennessee
  71. Digging the Hole Deeper
  72. What Is "George Arndt" Doing?
  73. Take the Sloan Test
  74. Google Earth Maps of Chitral, Pakistan
  75. Messages From the Dark Side
  76. Fascinating. But Is It True?
  77. Why the Coming Polgar Motion Is Not a Good Idea
  78. The Role of the USCF??
  79. Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship is now atBarnes and Noble
  80. Motion by Susan Polgar to Create Five Funds
  81. My Old Friend, Bernard Madoff
  82. Chess Express Rating System
  83. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  84. Re: Hugh Edward Myers
  85. 70% of New USCF Members are Joining in No-Magazine-MembershipCategories
  86. Biggest chess story of the year?
  87. Replies and Motion to Strike Filed In Lubbock
  88. Susan Polgar Flatly Rejects Mediation of her Suit Against Other BoardMembers
  89. Awful Cover on Chess Life for Kids
  90. All Ishi Press Books now available at Waterstones in England
  91. Reply to Polgar
  92. Motterhead Reply
  93. Bogner Response
  94. Lafferty Motion to Strike
  95. Bogner Motion to Strike
  96. A Message For "George"
  97. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  98. Setting Out Some Facts for Trolgar
  99. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  100. Why we love lawyers
  101. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  102. Re: Chessdon on the Coming USCF Election
  103. Brad Darrach in Iceland in 1972
  104. CSI: two dead flies
  105. USCF Seeks Court Removal of Polgar and Truong
  106. To Answer Donna Alarie's Question
  107. Finally, at long last, the USCF Sues to Remove Polgar and Truong
  108. Finally, at long last, the USCF Sues to Remove Polgar and Truong
  109. Does Donna Alarie Have a Point?
  110. A Rare but Important Posting by Bill Hall
  111. Text of Complaint in USCF v. Polgar, Springfield IL, Case No.2008MR000751
  112. Let's see how long this one stays around
  113. Re: Finally, at long last, the USCF Sues to Remove Polgar and Truong
  114. Lubbock Newspaper Reports: Polgar "has no plans to resign"
  115. What Se Doesn't Understand or Acknowledge
  116. Re: Lubbock Newspaper Reports: Polgar "has no plans to resign"
  117. Where is the new Chess Life Online?
  118. Of Moderators and Suspensions
  119. Thank You "revenge will be to (sic) sweet"
  120. Looking for a chess tutor
  121. Britan Lafferty's candidacy
  122. Sam's Great Comeback
  123. I OPPOSE Brian Lafferty's Board Candidacy
  124. Five Questions for USCF Executive Board Candidates
  125. Questions for Candidates for the Board
  126. Will the Goichberg Strategy Backfire?
  127. Cost of buying the USCF mailing list?
  128. Pakistan's Chitral District: A Refuge for al-Qaeda's Top Leadership?
  129. Lubbock Reactions
  131. What Is Redman's Real Agenda?
  132. Candidate Brian Mottershead Sticks his Fist into the Tar-Baby
  133. Candidate Brian Mottershead Sticks his Fist into the Tar-Baby
  134. Convekta Question
  135. Another Alarie Snit
  136. USCF Hurting TTU Fundraising?!
  137. Michael Atkins is Running for the Board
  138. Bill Goichberg and "One Man One Vote"
  139. Will Sam Sloan Pull A Polgar or Do the Right Thing
  140. Turning Tide?
  141. Candidate Brian Lafferty wants to involve the USCF in another lawsuit
  142. Susan Polgar's Open Forum today
  143. Re: Luotettava ja laadukas tallentava digiboksi?
  144. NY Times Article Today
  145. USCF vs. Polgar makes today's New York Times
  146. A Trolgar Scholastics Company
  147. Four More Trolgar Florida Corporations
  148. Dispute Resolution(?)
  149. Parker Suit--Dismissed as to Some Defendants
  150. THere is only ONE way to save US Chess
  151. I agree with Phil Innes: let the courts decide
  152. RGCP Grudge Match?
  153. A q. to USCF EB candidates
  154. Long Ins To Hough's Account by Gregory Alexander
  155. Goichberg Chases off a Candidate for Executive Board Election
  156. Opposition to Alexander Motion to Dismiss
  157. Ed Trice loses the plot!
  158. Process Servers in Lubbock, Texas for Parker
  159. The finest quality to be sought in JUDGE..
  160. What's the Truth About Those Pirates, Paul
  161. Another Trolgar Florida For Profit Corporation Not Disclosed
  162. Polgar writes, "they have crossed the line when they went after mecriminally"
  163. Two Legal Questions
  164. Is this "Our" Gregory Alexander?
  165. The Posts At Issue
  166. Polgar Puppet Petitions
  167. Chess Notes,Volume 1-8,1982-89 now on Ebay!!!
  168. INSIDE CHESS Magazine
  169. Trolgar Games and An Alternative Motion Idea
  170. USCF secrecy and closed sessions
  171. Roy Parker of Philly dies in Illegal Rooming House
  172. The Chess Players--Satyajit Ray
  173. Unofficial Candidates List
  174. Haring is Running for the Board
  175. If the Polgar Slate wins, would they have the right to drop thelawsuit?
  176. A Bankruptcy Question for Gregory Alexander, aka, Gregory AlexanderHunt
  177. NY Times: "A Lawsuit Against Chess Officials Lingers on"
  180. Confirmation please, ueschessmom
  181. Re: Epilogue to the Fischer - Spassky Match
  182. Goichberg and the Seven Lawsuit
  183. Parker about to attempt service on Polgar, Truong
  184. Membership Lapses of the Candidates
  185. Stuck Bobby
  186. Anand on Fischer and Kasparov
  187. Grant Perks Caught in a Lie
  188. Re: Questions for Nomen Nescio #20090113 (was: Questions for NomenNescio #20080113)
  189. Re: OT - Laconia ( Was Bobby Fischer the Greatest Player Ever? )
  190. What happened to TalkChess?
  191. Trolgar Says + Strategy Summarized
  192. What Trolgar Won't Say About Legal Costs of the USCF
  193. For George, the Trolgar Acolyte
  194. Re: Was Bobby Fischer the Greatest Player Ever?
  195. Re: Was Bobby Fischer the Greatest Player Ever?
  196. Polgar Tactics and Certain EB Candidates
  197. Pro-Polgar Candidates, and the Illinois and Federal Court
  198. First Lawsuit Filed Against Former President Bush
  199. Re: Complaint filed in Sloan vs. Smith, George W. Bush, et al
  200. Re: Odd events in rec.games.chess.politics
  201. Who Is Polgar's Sugar Daddy?
  202. Polgar Won't Clearly State She Didn't Do It
  203. Phil Innes tells the New York Times that he is a "chess journalist"
  204. Gregory Alexander has a new attorney
  205. For Phil the "Journalist"
  206. rgcp & Usenet Litigation
  207. Trolgar Honors Me With Bandwidth
  208. I get anonymous mail
  209. Re: Management Question for the Candidates
  210. Re: Management Question for the Candidates
  211. Doug Forsythe Reads Gambit
  212. Re: Management Question for the Candidates
  213. Comparing Gov. Blagojevich to Paul Truong
  214. NY Tims Weighs In With Judge Patel
  215. Giving Phil the Rope to Hang Himself With
  216. Mottershead Plans to Give Away Chess Life magazine for FREE
  217. Dick and Jane Look At Phil's Rope
  218. Re: Sekavia nuo Plus-TV hommelit
  219. Letter from the Lawfirm of Loney and Looney Demanding that the USCFMove to Crossville
  220. Re: Complaint filed in Sloan vs. Smith, George W. Bush, et al
  221. US po boy stimulus plan
  222. A Vice-President who was not a "Natural Born Citizen"
  223. What's going on?
  224. Re: Very Important to trace
  225. Casino Only - Online Casino
  226. Reply to Polgar's Latest Screed to Judge Patel
  227. Is Polgar Lying??
  228. Brian Mottershead and the supposed "NDA"
  229. Did Donna Alarie Leak It??
  230. Re: Nokia PC Suite 6.x
  231. So Much Trolgar Attention
  232. Re: The Rakes' Progress? Lafferty, Sloan.
  233. Re: A Horrible, Monstrous Man is Finally Dead
  234. Polgar Continues the Misrepresentations
  235. How can we campaign against somebody who controls the moderators?
  236. Candidacy of Brian Mottershead
  237. About the Author, Agnus Ellis Taylor
  238. Calculus and Analytic Geometry by Angus Ellis Taylor
  239. Re: Unusual "All time top 10"s
  240. Checking the Past
  241. Is BocaJunior Learning Disabled?
  242. Questions for Blas Lugo and Eric Hecht
  243. Re: Questions for Blas Lugo and Eric Hecht
  244. Oh, the Irony
  245. Anybody else having problems with gmail today?
  246. Angus Taylor, Author of "Speaking Freely"
  247. Elizabeth Vicary Backs out of Interview of Sam Sloan
  248. Gregory Alexander & The U.S. Secret Service
  249. The USCF's Lawsuit Problem
  250. The Five Goichberg Letters