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  1. NEWS FLASH: De Ludo Schaccorum, by Luca Pacioli
  2. North American Chess Association
  3. Polgar Going Back to Hungary
  4. Assuming That It's True
  5. Mitchell vs Sloan 2008
  6. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  7. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  8. Chess Environmentalism
  9. Bobby Fischer WAS HELPING Kasparov, Korchnoi, and Topalov!!!!
  10. Fool Us Once, Shame On Us
  11. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  12. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  13. Where Lies "Some Basis For Truth?"
  14. Was Polgar Rejected by the Hungarian Federation.......
  15. SAT W-7 lets start a new game
  16. Re: Suzie Chesspiece Cheesecake Photo
  17. Worlds best game by Rybka against Easy Level.
  18. A Polgar Supporter Speaks--"Act Like An Adult"
  19. More Suzie Chesspiece Hubris
  20. Could someone post the "hot sauce" restraining order again please?
  21. Ray's Solution To The Draw Problem In Chess
  22. GetClub's real purpose revealed
  23. The Polgar Jokes Keep Coming
  24. Legal Question: Can She Take Back Her Resignation?
  25. Amherst County Sheriff shuts down Sam Sloan's websites
  26. Sam Sloan's Research "Skills"?
  27. Hungarian Blonds Understand the Problem
  28. And then there were...
  29. Susan's Rant Today
  30. Crossville
  31. What Should I re-name "Grand Chess"?
  32. Re: copy of THANK YOU email to Verio Abuse Team
  33. Truong - Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction ( filing from Sam Sloan )
  34. To U.S. District Judge Denny Chin ( filing from Sam Sloan )
  35. NY Times -- Susan Polgar's remarks about Lawsuit, Husband, Recall, & `Departure'
  36. Top Players to Sit Out Championship Over Money
  37. NY Times -- Drive to Recall Paul Truong Is Under Way
  38. Saidy reviews Cuban chess book
  39. Phil Innes announces that Joel Channing has resigned
  40. Re: NY Times -- Susan Polgar's remarks about Lawsuit, Husband, Recall, & `Departure'
  41. Good Chance For Truong to Go Home
  42. Re: David Graham and His Descendants 1772-1989
  43. Pedestrian Dies After Being Hit in Crosswalk Driver Arrested
  44. I have been Suspended from Posting for One Year
  45. Re: so much for the statue of Derrick Rose...
  46. Re: so much for the statue of Derrick Rose...
  47. Re: so much for the statue of Derrick Rose...
  48. Re: so much for the statue of Derrick Rose...
  49. Help Bot Still at the Top !!!
  50. Rating Scandals...
  51. Polgar Moves to Shut Down Forums
  52. Joel Channing's Threats To Resign
  53. For Susie Chesspiece (re: Hanken)
  54. For Susie Chesspiece (re: Hanken)
  55. Chess Politics Sickness
  56. Homecoming
  57. Don Schultz defends "Internet Insurance"
  59. Re: US law allows Marcus to renounce in America without leaving
  60. Susan Polgar wants Jerry Hanken Fired
  61. The Motion Passed: Now We See If Channing is Bluffing or Not
  62. GetClub Chess further improved as seen against Rybka !!!
  63. Comrade's Susie Chesspiece and Paul Pufferfish Fail to Stop FreeSpeech
  64. Massive Free Web Traffic
  65. Massive Free Web Traffic
  66. Massive Free Web Traffic
  67. Massive Free Web Traffic
  68. 20 Percent of Scientists Admit Using Brain-Enhancing Drugs
  69. Scary Phone Numbers
  70. Re: Polgar Moving Back to Hungary - Is this an April Fools Joke?
  71. 61 Memorable Games
  72. Looks like we finally got rid of the *******
  73. Imagination
  74. Let's The Emails Gregory
  75. A Request of Gregory Alenander
  76. United States Chess Federation Executive Board Member Resigns
  77. Question
  78. Concentration
  79. Joel Channing Talked a Better Game than He Played
  80. Polgar Blog Humor
  81. Awareness
  82. How to attract and Date Beautiful Women!
  83. Saturday "Open" Forum
  84. Home Business
  85. Are there rational defenders of Truong?
  86. In-so-lence a la Road Runner
  87. The Real Reason Joel Channing Resigned
  88. Jerry Hanken Died
  89. Interview with Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk
  90. Knight of Neep looking for a few good players
  91. Joel Channing Finally Resigned
  92. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Chrisf
  93. What is going on with chess in Canada?
  94. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  95. Zebedia has returned and he won the Master Level.
  96. Trollgar again cites "Our Expertise"
  97. So Where's the Meat Mr. Truong?
  98. A Newbie Just Saying Hello!
  99. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  100. Truong Misses the Point
  101. Whom Do You Trust?
  102. Cowboy Wisdom
  103. It's Not the Power of Speech, Just the Power To Talk
  104. Re: The President's Daughter by Nan Britton
  105. More Humor From Board Members Polgar and Truong
  106. "Kasparov Retails Title on a Draw": Does this headline do anything toincrease interest in chess?
  107. Re: The President's Daughter by Nan Britton
  108. Is Parr wackier than Sloan and Parker?
  109. Vietnam to host World Youth Chess Championship Oct 20-30, 2008
  110. Re: Texas Justice ??
  111. Re: Texas Justice ??
  112. And Now It's Time To Say Goodbye...
  113. Oldtimer puts his finger on the Censorship Problem
  114. A secret more powerful than The Secret
  115. Will the CIA threatened ARREST of Ambassador Roberts cause OBAMA towin
  116. Chess Ratings
  117. Is the Attorney General a CRIMINAL?
  118. Englebert Speaks
  119. Peter has a new Website
  120. Revenue and Technology of Clandestine Organizations
  121. SUPER SECRET SPYS are not science fiction
  122. Morgellons fibers are nanotubes, symptoms of nanobots infestation. eom
  123. DOES ANYBODY KNOW NAMES OF Clandestine Intestinal Agents?
  124. LORI ACHUFF eom
  125. Costello Tina eom
  126. JOHN OTT eom
  127. PETER HOFFMAN eom
  128. Shirov's Sad Saga
  129. Analyze game between Help Bot & Normal Level
  130. When Is A Chair a Chairman
  131. SPICE-KCF Rift?
  132. Marketing Software
  133. Has the English Chess Federation imploded
  134. Injecting Children Into the Debate
  135. Kenneth Cole Ladies Reaction White Leather Watch KC2279 - Cheapes****ch
  136. Engelbert, Racism, Harry Payne and the Family Discussion Forum
  137. Re: Shirov's Sad Saga
  138. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  139. The Match That Wasn't
  140. Pre tournament publicity vagueness
  141. Zebediah win against the Advance Level, Please Analyze?
  142. Re: How to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English has been revised andupdated
  143. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  144. God Taught Her How to Do It
  145. Improper Selection of Forum Moderators
  146. Re: Improper Selection of Forum Moderators
  147. money
  148. ChessMaster earn $100 Million, How can GetClub earn that much
  149. Sam Sloan's Memories of 1964
  150. Re: The Euphemism in Botvinnik
  151. GetClub slashed its rates by half. !!!
  152. Goichberg's "New Plan" for the USCF
  153. Truong "Answers" Redman
  154. The Rating of Chess Players, Past and Present, by Arpad Elo reprintedtoday
  155. More Truong Smoke and Mirrors
  156. This is really funny!!!
  157. From where can I buy Chess Programs?
  158. "Specific Proposed Ideas" by Susan Polgar
  159. Polgar Approved Blog Humor
  160. New In Chess #3 2008
  161. Join HideDragon affiliate program, earn 50% or more commission fromnow!
  162. Re: John McCain is the New Manchurian Candidate
  163. Bravo To Danny Angermeier
  164. GetClub Normal Level played good moves but still lost the game.
  165. Polgar is right for once
  166. Parr's Computer Crashed!
  167. Who is Tristan James?
  168. Polgar loses wallet
  169. Service of Process In OK
  170. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  171. Madness! Madness!
  172. Thankyou everyone for helping me improve GetClub Chess.
  173. The Official Trolgar Attitude Toward the USCF Membership
  174. Reasons Why Polgar Did not Stay for the Board Meeting in Tulsa
  175. Criminal Copyright Infringement
  176. Goichberg Defends His "New Plan"
  177. Frank Brady opposes plan to turn Chess Life into Online Publication
  178. Sam's List of "Sacred Cows" protected by Goichberg
  179. Bauer simply cannot understand
  180. Help Bot struggled to beat the Advance Level.
  181. Cowboy Wisdom
  182. GetClub Easy Level vs Rybka
  183. Garry's views on chess, now and then
  184. Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debates a Great Success
  185. Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debates a Great Success
  186. The Sazonov book with introduction by Larry Parr has been published
  187. OT Flying Pigs
  188. What are other membership organizations doing?
  189. Let the USCF Die
  190. Zebediah took 47 moves to win Advance Level.
  191. Krush Speaks Out In CL Online
  192. Where the HELL is Bill Hall?
  193. Ed Labate vs. Ed Trice
  194. Manual of the Game of Chess by P.R. von Bilguer, 1880 Edition
  195. GetClub Chess now twice better.
  196. The Krush Letter
  197. ** WARNING: Magic Bullet seekers need not apply!**
  198. Sam Sloan invited to World Mind Sports Games Beijing 2008
  199. Most interesting game by Zebediah.
  200. ADMs by Sam Sloan for the USCF Delegates Meeting in Dallas
  201. Co-Sponsors Needed for my ADMS
  202. Invitation to take part in online survey about determinants of chessskill
  203. Game with Rybka Drawn. !!!
  204. Freysteinn Thorbergsson book on the 1972 Fischer-Spassky Match
  205. Goichberg Plans to Eliminate Membership Cards
  206. Filling Delegate Seats At the Annual Meeting--Illegal?
  207. Chess Dopes
  208. FSS... who is it really?
  209. Goichberg Objects to An Alternate Proposal by Don Schultz
  210. Disaster Coming: Here is the new dues structure as proposed in amotion by Bill Goichberg.
  211. Chess Life 4 Kids magazine to be abolished
  212. I.M. Sloan's Greatest Games
  213. What is Rating of Rybka and other Programs?
  214. Proof that Goichberg Knew All Along that Paul Truong Was The Fake SamSloan
  215. Methods of Producing Japanese Shogi Equipment
  216. USCF Sales F***ed By USCF/House of Staunton?
  217. Hanon Russell Letter to Bill Goichberg
  218. Delegates Are the USCF's Directors Under Illinois Law
  219. 200 Miniature Games of Chess : Combinations in the Openings (1942)
  220. The Story of GM
  221. Bill acts like an "Ostrich with his Head Stuck in the Sand".
  222. Bill acts like an "Ostrich with his Head Stuck in the Sand".
  223. How would the Online Chess Life work?
  224. Letting the Members Select Which Services They Want
  225. [email protected]: posting history
  226. Two Rooks vs Knight+Rook ending?
  227. Greetings from Beantown
  228. The Latest Trolgar Tactic
  229. Thought for the Day
  231. USCF d.o.a. March 2009?
  232. GetClub Chess made Twice Better.
  233. Pathetic Turnout at US Junior and Cadet Championships
  234. The 7 Figure Code,
  235. Susan Says She Will No Longer Try To Help the USCF
  236. Susan Says She Will No Longer Try To Help the USCF
  237. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  238. Richard Peterson Comes In from the Cold
  239. Get Mike Filsaime's 7 Figure Secrets
  240. Big Deal event for chess in NY NJ PA and for chess kids USA
  241. O.T. World War I
  242. This time I agree with Susan. I will tell you why later.
  243. USCF Pension Matters...
  244. Mailing to USCF Delegates and Alternates
  245. Re: Those Darned Pension Plans
  246. Has Ray Gorgon ever, in his Entire Life, Seduced a Woman?
  247. Is this game properly played by Master Level?
  248. Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCF Executive Board
  249. Anand article in Time
  250. Carlsen vs Kasparov??