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  1. User:JzG, friend of Louis Blair, attacks Sam Sloan again on Wikipedia
  2. Truth and Lies on the board, and in the NY Times
  3. The Mottershead Report
  4. " My final statement about the latest USCF problem"
  5. Read the New York Post tomorrow
  6. Name that dysfunctional organization
  7. Re: Brief analysis of Mottershead report
  8. Cooperation
  9. An Informal Poll
  10. Chess plagiarism
  11. Chess copyright violations
  12. Bobby Fischer is dead
  13. Polgar Alleges Threats to Children--Again
  14. Re: Robert James Fischer Dead at 64
  15. Spectrum
  16. You Cant Discuss Polgar's Statements At the USCF Forums
  17. bbc - Chess legend Fischer dies at 64
  18. Bobby Fischer [1943-18th December 2008]
  19. Cary Fisher is dead
  20. Perpetual Equivocation
  21. NPR: Ex-Chess Rival Kasparov Remembers Bobby Fischer
  22. Re: Crocodile tears
  23. Initiative
  24. Goichberg responds to Gregory's question
  25. Budget and Financial Reports
  26. Re: Corus Update - Cheparinov Disqulaified From Game # 8 !!!
  27. Happiness
  28. Polgar's Latest "Final" Statement
  29. Re: Crocodile tears
  31. Bobby Remembered
  32. who is clean and who is not
  33. More Press Coverage
  34. Communication
  35. Topalov defeats Kramnik
  36. Re: multiple choice chess exercises for beginners
  37. Re: Crocodile tears
  38. New Legal Representation of Trolgar
  39. Re: Crocodile tears
  40. Re: Is a handshake really a big deal?
  41. Re: Polgar and Truong change attorneys
  42. Re: Polgar and Truong change attorneys
  43. Re: Is there any one in world who can beat the Master Level?
  44. Expert Opinion: Mottershead Report Valid
  45. Ulevitch Report
  46. Re: Help-bot Busted (was: Crocodile tears)
  47. Laughter
  48. Recall Petition Will Now Go Forward Transparently, In Public View
  49. Lawsuit Query...
  50. Subcommittee Response to Polgar/Truong Attacks
  51. He Deals With Facts
  52. Uselessness
  53. Re: Mr Phit beat Easy Level.
  54. Hercules Remake Casting Call
  55. Truong and Polgar--Lubock Online
  56. USCF Forum
  57. Her Family and Children Yet Again
  58. Fischer's obituary in Newsweek
  59. Does anybody take the New York Post seriously?
  60. A hundred grand deficit for USCF
  61. Re: New Book: "Mafia Moll: The Life of the Mistress of John F.Kennedy"
  62. Where is it?
  63. Susan's "Secret Evidence" Story
  64. Polgar Blog Back In Censorship Mode
  65. Money
  66. Discussion on the Polgar Blog
  67. Accountability
  68. Polgar's Latest Smokescreen
  69. USCF Financial Problems "The sky is falling."
  70. Fight looms over Fischer's estate
  71. 2005 USCF 990 Tax filing
  72. Re: Larry Evans
  73. USCF Finances In NY Times
  74. Goichberg Plans to Eliminate Chess Life for Kids
  75. USCF December 07 Financials Available
  76. Re: Crocodile tears
  77. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Online Forum
  78. Polgar's Latest Missive
  79. Free online Games play and free download - Intelligent games
  80. Donna Alarie Is A Bully
  81. President of Texas Tech University Resigns
  82. The Latest Nonsense From Susan Polgar
  83. Fischer-Spassky Picture on Susan's Blogspot
  84. Affidavit in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss on Diversity Issue
  85. EB to Consider Removing USCF Titles from Truong
  86. Board Titles Removed- Truong Not liaison
  87. Re: Fischer's 61 Memorable Games
  88. I am still on moderated status
  89. Medicine for the USCF
  90. Benjamin takes over, again
  91. Re: Global Ministries vs. Cablevision Lightpath
  92. Re: Global Ministries vs. Cablevision Lightpath
  93. Sloan Soup; The Musical
  94. Re: First Draft - Affidavit in Opposition - Commernts Please
  95. Re: First Draft - Affidavit in Opposition - Commernts Please
  96. The Board refused ...
  97. SimYard - Fantasy Baseball Management Simulation Webgame
  98. Musical Sloan Soup
  99. Texas Tech BB Coach Bobby Knight Resigns Following in TT PresidentWhitmore's Footsteps
  100. Utilization
  101. Re: Sloan v. Truong - Affidavit on Federal Question Issue
  102. The Stench of Desperation
  103. Re: Sloan v. Truong - Affidavit on Federal Question Issue
  104. Re: Sloan v. Truong - Affidavit on Federal Question Issue
  105. The Price to Pay
  106. netbook
  107. For Gregory Alexander
  108. Re: Sloan v. Truong - Affidavit on Federal Question Issue
  109. Sophistry At chessdiscussion
  110. Gregory's Post Gets Pulled
  111. Blog Posting on Texas Tech and Sloan Lawsuit
  112. USCF Forums are Down
  113. Perjury
  114. More Yada Yada From Suzie Chesspiece
  115. I have been sanctioned again
  116. I have been sanctioned again
  117. Tim Sawmiller is a Liar
  118. Odd Rumor
  119. Disappointment for Suzie and Mig
  120. Gregory Alexander's Latest "Confidential Information" Smear
  121. SOUP
  122. How To Locate An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In California
  123. The Delusional Parrot
  124. First Draft: Re: Blue Book Encyclopedia of Chess
  125. Re: Forthcoming Kamsky Topalov Match
  126. Walking
  127. Re: A "funny" phenomenon at GetClub
  128. Heres a game between Help Bot and Easy.
  129. All Quiet On The Eastern Front
  130. Re: The Judith Exner Story, The Life of the Mistress of John F.
  131. Suzie Chesspiece Seeks Addresses
  132. Bill Brock's Lawyer Wins the Prize for "Best Brief"
  133. The Blue Book and Encyclopedia of Chess
  134. Statistical information on chess players
  135. Icelander recalls how Fischer showed soft side
  136. Suzie Chesspiece Tangles With Randy Bauer
  137. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester played today
  138. GetClub(Beginner) beat Rybka at Best Level
  139. "No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer" wins "Best Team Name Prize"at US Amateur Team East
  140. Trolgar Blows Smoke Again
  141. Alive and living in Oregon
  142. Phil Innes and The Fake Sam Sloan
  143. Why Rybka Won GetClub An Analysis.
  144. The Score At chessdiscussion
  145. Desperate Truong Bull****
  146. GetClub (Beginner) played Rybka till end Game. [51 Moves]
  147. Truong Digs Hi Hole Deeper
  148. Dylan Mc Clain reports on US Amateur Team East
  149. New York Times reports on Ray Gordon vs. USCF lawsuit
  150. Should I publish a book about Bridge?
  151. Jedediah...Are They? I Promise, I'm Not Angry Anymore...
  153. Re: The Judith Exner Story, The Life of the Mistress of John F.Kennedy
  154. ''''' championship photos '''''
  155. ''''' championship photos '''''
  156. """ HIGHLIGHTS """
  157. Is sacrificing Rook for Knight Correct.
  158. Free online Games play and free download - Intelligent games
  159. We Are Your All GetClub All The Time Newsgroup!!! GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub!
  160. Re: New Book: "Mafia Moll: The Life of the Mistress of John F.Kennedy"
  161. New Games absolutely free.
  162. Bush's ILLEGAL SPY PROGRAM Focus of New Feature Film
  163. "Hitmen" recruiting a few good players
  164. Is there World Chess Competition for Chess Programs?
  165. Will USCF Go Broke?
  166. Find friends play Elf Online with me.
  167. The Laptop-gate Affair
  168. You can find new hookups with the hottest men, women and couples.
  169. March Chess Life lead feature
  170. Affiliate Marketing
  171. 20 Questions with Paul Truong
  172. They should really start backing a different sport.
  173. Truong Recall Drive Begun
  174. Re: Dead board = dead board (bored) game!
  175. Revised analysis of Mottershead / Jones / Ulevitch reports
  176. How about a Baby Level at GetClub?
  177. Marcus W. Roberts
  178. The Truong Recall Petition
  179. A Summation of the Trolgar Position
  180. How Many Employees Does the USCF Have?
  181. First Draft, Please Comment: "Invitation to Bridge"
  182. Please analyze Game between Normal and HelpBot.
  183. Second Draft: Invitation to Bridge
  184. Rules of the Chessville Forum
  185. Wait...Sam Sloan is a USCF board member?
  186. Phil Innes expounds on "Journalism"
  187. Revision two: Analysis of Mottershead / Jones / Ulevitch reports
  188. Returning
  189. Scholastics Inside or Outside the USCF
  190. Today's big chess news
  191. Marketing in the 21st Century
  192. "An Invitation to Chess" by Kenneth Harkness and Irving Chernev hasbeen reprinted
  193. Did Louis H. Watson write one, two or three books on bridge??
  194. Creativity
  195. Truong Vouches for His Trinity
  196. The Family Shakespeare
  197. Gregory Alexander Sees No Problem
  198. Re: Wonderful News From the Hill!
  199. Mohammed Sloan "Pimps" Again
  200. Truong's Selective Vision
  201. Board of Directors Conflicts of interest
  202. Bill Brock calls for the Resignations of Goichberg and Truong
  203. Latino amateur woman with brasize=4
  204. Mrs. Truong ??
  205. Re: How much will you bet, Sam?
  206. Kristen Dupre for USCF President
  207. Re: Kristen Dupre for USCF President
  208. If 6 Was 9, or, Can Sam Sloan Get Anything Right?
  209. Can someone explain to me how the heck chess ended up needed apolitics newsgroup?
  210. Intelligence March ahead.
  211. What are perks and benefits of being an executive in a chessfederation? Why people fight over this?
  212. Channing claims that Polgar has 300,000 kids
  213. Re: How much will you bet, Sam?
  214. Draws once more
  215. Go is going through a surge now. Will chess's squabbles cause it tolose its place as the top abstract strategy game?
  216. Has Checkers Been Solved?
  217. Know about GRAND CHESS
  218. Recall Petition Update
  219. Tournament bulletins for the 1988 Seven Stars Cup
  220. Trusting the Executive Director
  221. Beware of Rob ("The Robber") Mitchell
  222. Doug's Irony
  223. Sales Agents Wanted Great Commissions
  224. What to do about the Raving Lunatic in this Group?
  225. Where is the Quarterly Financial Report?
  226. Watson on "The Outline of Contract Bridge"
  227. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  228. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  229. Re: Citibank Cheats Grandmaster Benko out of $70,000
  230. Great Accomplishment by Erik Anderson in Idaho Schools Chess
  231. A False Claim (Was: BL trips up badly (Was: 20 Questions) )
  232. 10 Guaranteed Ways To Commit Suicide On The Installment Plan
  233. "The Outline of Contract Bridge" by Louis H. Watson has been sent tothe printers
  234. Help Bot now at First Position -- GetClub Chess
  235. My Big Win At Foxwoods
  236. Now you can subscibe Monthly/ yearly at GetClub Chess.
  237. Next Event in Truong Lawsuit
  238. Ending the USCF's FIDE Affiliation?
  239. Integration
  240. Beginner atleast 1850+ Rated acording to FICS games.
  241. Taylor Kingston's Magic Math
  243. Truth Not Fit for Polgar's Blog
  244. Truong Not Answering His Cell when The NY Times Calls
  245. Why was Louis Watson Ranked the Number 4 Bridge Player in the World?
  246. Truth Not Fit for Polgar's Blog Options
  247. Pologar Blog: Breaking News: Top players said no to 2008 US Championship
  248. Interpretation
  249. Polgar On USCF Finances
  250. Help Bots new idea tickeled.