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  1. speculation on Tim Hanke, EB, and CA
  2. Re: USCF's New Officers
  3. Will Sam Sloan sue?
  4. Re: Women in chess
  5. Hey, don't worry..
  6. 2003-2004 The Year of Excruciating Pain.
  7. Why the chess establishment is doomed
  8. project to help the USCF?
  9. Re: Susan Polgar won the 2003 US Open Blitz Championship!
  10. A New Coalition?
  11. Re: Chessplaying and the Kobe Bryant Case
  12. New Color Blend?
  13. Three People Who Knew More than Mike Nolan
  14. Re: New Faces, Same Old Song, Nolan ED?
  15. Richard Peterson
  16. bad karma on RGCP
  17. USCF Adds New Members of Senior Staff
  18. New Rulebook
  19. Re: Debi. Come Back, We Miss You.
  20. Chief Operating Officer not covered by USCF bylaws
  21. Speaking of chief operating officers. Guess who?
  22. The new EB board is moving quickly with decisions
  23. Is Payroll the Biggest Problem?
  24. Old email to FCA
  25. September chess life??
  26. playing chess with my dog...
  27. Re: Drop Chess Life and go all Internet
  28. Paul Truong - Background Interview
  29. attn: eric mark
  30. An Eade Bestiary
  31. Re: New telephone extension numbers for USCF execs
  32. How is "chess" broke if GEEKS play it?
  33. Matt's results at USAF Champs
  34. Bill's Reporting.
  35. Re: Knoxville Press Pokes Fun at Move
  36. Re: Report on US Open
  37. Re: Moving or Mortgaging?
  38. Re: Go Aigner!
  39. Booz appointed to key USCF committee posts
  40. Re: Question....EB elections and new appointments
  41. The Ten Buck Town
  42. Re: Crossville
  43. New Boards 2nd Mistake
  44. Fundraising Question
  45. rising star alert
  46. Power Outage on Eastern Seaboard Traced to Computer Explosion in New Windsor.
  47. Is Sam Sloan Okay?!?
  48. Southern Calif. delegates who supported U.S. Open
  49. Re: Erroneous info in new rulebook "author biography"
  50. Transcripts or tape recordings?
  51. US Open: Kaidanov get 1/2 pt bye in rd 12
  52. Bob Bennett is Paul Truong
  53. Re: Another voice on Fischer
  54. An interesting website
  55. Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software
  56. Membership drop of 195 members.
  57. Is This Truly a Crisis Anymore?
  58. What Did McCrary Say in the Latest Chess Life?
  59. Re: Lawsuit & Board Meeting
  60. Kasparov's Great Predecssors book
  61. Sponge Jer Hanken Loses his Square Pants
  62. 2003 US Open
  63. Even the Knoxville News thinks the USCF move to Crossville Tennessee is silly
  64. Re: Was Albert Einstein a hoax?
  65. U.S. Open official player count should be 455
  66. Grim News
  67. Reminiscing about 1957 U.S. Open in Cleveland
  68. Fischer and Big White Shark
  69. Rapid Chess
  70. Paul Troung is Bob Bennett
  71. Re: New mailing address for Sam Sloan
  72. Re: USCF rating floors...
  73. Re: Chess Trust
  74. Professionalism in chess
  75. September Chess Life wastes space with block ad
  76. Obsolete listing of USCF EB on website
  77. Alex Lenderman, Aged 13, Score IM Norm in Hungary
  78. Tracking Main Line CC ratings
  79. Re: USCF rating floors...
  80. Re: USCF rating floors...
  81. Niro Resigned: So Should McCrary and Camaratta
  83. Re: Deb Sherry Return?
  84. Re: Chess and Business
  85. Why Do Chess Players Manage the Business of Chess?
  86. Re: Mig having fun with Crossville Move
  87. Once again, a call to let the USCF die
  88. Closed door meetings in New Windsor
  89. Is this the year of Alexander Shabalov???
  90. Have US Open Prizes Been Paid?
  92. creating the next world champion
  93. Turnkey Fundraising Program for USCF
  95. Forget the USCF...time to debate what's next
  96. The 08/20 Massacre.
  97. What's the Difference Between a USCF Regular Membership and a USCF Economy Membership now?
  98. Where were the personnel cuts concentrated?
  99. Perfect Timing, Maybe..
  100. Incomplete info on USCF EB members on website
  101. Re: New USCF office manager fined $1,000 in 2002
  102. USCF Insolvency? Scholastics Try to Help
  103. Speculating About USCF's Future.
  104. calling Sam Sloan, calling Sam Sloan
  105. Re: creating the next world champion
  106. Re: creating the next world champion
  107. Does unofficial rating of 2200 counts as NM?
  108. Hackettstown NJ Fall Team Tournament
  109. CXR
  110. USCF Doomed?...
  111. USCF Fires 17 staff members, but no big deal
  112. Peterson Lawsuit
  113. Why not just start a new federation?
  114. test
  115. The leaner, meaner and more efficient USCF machine
  116. McCrary's resignation not posted on USCF website
  117. Is USCF really serious about its B&E business?
  118. famous chess players from Ukraine
  119. Labor Day weekend major tournaments in USA
  120. If there's no USCF can I declare myself US champion?
  121. New Chess Life Editor?
  122. USCHESS.ORG down, as of 8/23 around 9am CST
  123. Who represents the market for USCF, for US Chess?
  124. Richard Petersen--Claim What You Are...
  125. Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting
  126. Looks like I am running again
  127. If I raise funds for USCF what cut do I get?
  128. CPA's Should Do a Complete Cost to Service Breakout, While They've Got the Chance.
  129. Re: How about NO chess federation?
  130. Re: creating the next world champion
  131. Who 'owns' the Rating system?
  132. World Open Lithograph from 1978 on eBay
  133. New Board Raises and Equalizes Rating Fees.
  134. Re: ASA HOFFMAN
  135. The future of American Chess is now clear
  136. What about DAVID LETTERMAN?
  137. about those every other month CL subscriptions?
  138. Re: ASA HOFFMAN and the Rapids...
  139. Allstate Chess Ad
  140. L.A. Laws?
  141. Re: The Return of the Turk
  142. Would a demise of the USCF affect the US Women's Olympiad team?
  143. Guantanamo detainees called 'very good at chess'
  144. Will the USCF last longer than The Turk?
  145. 17 1/2 hours of live chess on TV
  146. Fischer-Spassky Poster on ebay
  147. USCF workers and N.Y. state employment laws
  148. How a former USCF ED became a national master
  149. CCA Invades Colorado.
  150. Crossville??
  151. Who the #$)*@#)$(*#@$ is Larry Parr?
  152. Turn STRIP CLUBS into CHESS CLUBS!!
  153. Peterson & Pro Se
  154. A poor chess players dream for World Championship !
  155. Tim's Dues Proposal. Will it Fly?
  156. Who is being served? What then?
  157. USCF Rules Question: Written move subsequently unplayed
  158. Re: Another proposal: "born-again unrateds"
  159. Re: 125th annual New York State Championship
  160. The kiddie problem
  161. Would THIS work? Free membership to all rated over 2000
  162. I think I have the technology answer
  163. Chess in the News -- serious post
  164. This post is not about Asa Hoffmann
  166. Re: Okay USCF: I'll join if I can have a "born again" rating
  167. Re: Dump Ponomariov !!
  168. N.Y. State Chess Association in 1940
  169. N.Y. State Chess Assocation in 1940
  170. Re: USCF in NYTimes today
  171. Is Ponomariov...
  172. Speech!
  173. The Rights of Disruptive Players vs State Associations
  174. USCF filing bankruptcy
  175. Not About Asa Hoffmann
  176. Re: The Alternative Chess Groups Are Here, More on the Way
  177. Why should we want it (USCF) to survive?
  178. The Bobby Fischer interviews: are they legitimate sources of information?
  179. Re: Ponomariov vs.Chess World
  180. Clock rules question
  181. Planned Giving
  182. where the f**k is FIDE?
  183. Re: Tim Hanke's Dream World
  184. Re: A famous former chessplayer
  185. The Need For a Benevolent Dictator.
  186. Ratings formula--has it changed?
  187. Re: Rated Games Per Year
  188. Bad decisions at the Marshall Chess Club...
  189. I met Beatriz
  190. Re: Niro's Back !!!
  191. USCF in the long run..
  192. Pono doesn't sign--dumbest (and rudest) move of his career
  194. A Pre-Christmas Letter to Grandma and Grandpa.
  195. the more things change....
  196. Jack Peters: Marinello "ordered firing of 17 employees"
  197. Re: Paul is not Bob Bennet, He is Bagdad Bob
  198. The Great Annotated Empty Moving Boxes Robbery
  199. Did Marriage Doom Judit Polgar's Title Chances?*
  200. SAM.. re NYC's best Pizza
  201. US Open Prizes
  202. Re: USCF: The Office That Time Forgot
  203. It's all smoke and mirrors: USCF isn't changing
  204. Copyrighting Chess Games: Has Anyone SUED?
  205. Slightly OT - Tom Brownscombe wins big
  206. How much time in prison should the maker of the Blaster virus get??
  207. Re: In line to become CL editor?
  208. What to do.. my version
  209. Giant jpg of the Turk cover on USCF home page
  210. September Chess Life....
  211. Still confused - Q to Al Lawrence and others
  212. How *I* can sue chess publishers for copyright infringement
  213. So You Thought You Have Control
  214. Has anyone mentioned the MENSA model?
  215. Lower Dues, Higher Fees
  216. Why Scholastics Are Successful, What we Can Learn
  217. Re: sharks "stalking" Bobby and Boris in the Adriatic
  219. Ron Young For USCF CZAR
  220. B & E versus some other organizations
  221. Women in Chess
  222. New World Championship Format: Play ME!
  223. Why bother?
  224. Ethics of Officers in State Associations -- or -- "These are the days of our lives...."
  225. JAWS V announced
  226. Announcing the "S-Fascist" Line of USCF T-Shirts.
  227. Re: The Story of Claire Laxson
  228. Re: Ray Charles
  229. All Rook & Pawn Endings Are Drawn
  230. Re: CL covers
  232. How much do chess books actually cost???
  233. Sam Sloan, Serious Candidate.
  234. Mountain Trolls sighted again
  235. Even the grand total membership is dropping. Is this mentioned in chesslife?
  236. Philanthropic Dues
  237. Re: How much do chess books actually cost???
  238. Rules Question
  239. Re: Early Resignations by Board Members a Bad Trend.
  240. Susan Polgar on USCL
  241. Back to Asa?
  242. Marshall Chess Club
  243. Florida Open
  244. Is High-Stakes Chess The Answer?
  245. Re: The Office That Time Forgot
  246. Re: Is the Chess Trust Accepting Donations for Our Move or New Building?
  247. Don't shop from Grant Perks
  248. USCF Press Release: Volunteer Comings & Goings
  249. USCF Missing Signed Checks
  250. Your thoughts on the cancellation of Kasparov-Ponomariov?