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  1. Disaster Coming: Here is the new dues structure as proposed in amotion by Bill Goichberg.
  2. Chess Life 4 Kids magazine to be abolished
  3. Chessbase GUI/Fritz 11...
  4. Game Development
  5. What is Rating of Rybka and other Programs?
  6. Proof that Goichberg Knew All Along that Paul Truong Was The Fake SamSloan
  7. Analyze, Why GetClub lost to Rybka.
  8. Re: USCF Sales F***ed By USCF/House of Staunton?
  9. Hanon Russell Letter to Bill Goichberg
  10. 200 Miniature Games of Chess : Combinations in the Openings (1942)
  11. The Story of GM
  12. Bill acts like an "Ostrich with his Head Stuck in the Sand".
  13. Game Software
  14. Ivan as White vs GC
  15. make more money
  16. The Princess Bride Game Drops tomorrow June 11.
  17. How would the Online Chess Life work?
  18. Letting the Members Select Which Services They Want
  19. Two Rooks vs Knight+Rook ending?
  20. hash lookup with negascout?
  21. GetClub Chess made Twice Better.
  22. Pathetic Turnout at US Junior and Cadet Championships
  23. Susan Says She Will No Longer Try To Help the USCF
  24. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  25. Helpbot how come you do not want to play my Ivan ?
  26. Re: USCF d.o.a. March 2009?
  27. Richard Peterson Comes In from the Cold
  29. This time I agree with Susan. I will tell you why later.
  30. Messenger Plus! Live
  31. Messenger Plus! Live
  32. Mailing to USCF Delegates and Alternates
  33. Is this game properly played by Master Level?
  34. Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCF Executive Board
  35. Most dangerous bridge of the world...?? [PHOTO]
  36. First Chess Digg in the world!
  37. Chessville claims Chess Life to "go under"
  38. Why wikipedia not listing GetClub Chess?
  39. Polgar Threatens to Sue the USCF
  40. Sevan Muradian asks Why is the USCF Paying Legal Fees
  41. Scid (chess database and training app)
  42. Goichberg says that there is "no risk" to putting Chess Life online
  43. Zebediah made the King dance from e8-a1.
  44. GetClub Chess improved once again !!!
  45. Fidelity Elite
  46. Survey on chess skill
  47. Polgar's Latest Screeds
  48. Tool to capture UCI chess engine exchanges?
  49. Goichberg writes "The Answer(s) To The USCFs Problems"
  50. Ethics Committee Takes No Action on Complaint Against Truong
  51. Problems with Fritz UCI
  52. Mottershead defends himself against Accusations by Perks
  53. Mottershead defends himself against Accusations by Mark Nibbelin
  54. Re: Susie Desperately Seeks Traction
  55. Dasher under wine (Linux)
  56. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Rybka
  57. Re: The Polgar "Resignation Offer"
  58. Fritz
  59. Fritz 10 and Chessbase
  60. GetClub will play like Human Beings.
  61. Video Games Tips - World of Warcraft Talent Points
  62. Sanny want to play a game GC vs Ivan ? Make your move
  63. bubbles games new veersion
  64. play mario ....game
  65. Visit my Chess Blog
  66. Sanny want to play Ivan vs GC ?
  67. Fritz and Chessbase Help
  68. Tough Game against Rybka.
  69. Beowulf
  70. What was leaked?
  71. Chess Computer, Hand Held--seeking recommendations
  72. Freedom of Speech on the USCF Issues Forum
  73. Chessbase 10
  74. Substitution of Attorneys for Joel Channing in Parker vs. USCF
  75. Goichberg is being hoist by his own petard
  76. Email chess query
  77. Stupidest game of the month. 11 move Mate.
  78. Chess Assistant 7.1 question
  79. Looking Back: Truong and Polgar concealed their marriage to eachother
  80. HTML Chess Board?
  81. Failure to Disclose Expenses of Board Members
  82. Fritz 10 opening library
  83. Fritz 11 Vista Compatiblity
  84. Play New versions games
  85. Moderator Control of the Debate on the USCF Issues Forum
  86. Does the USCF have a $144,000 loss ??
  87. Rebel 12 for DOS has rating of 3621 elo
  88. Beat by a Computer on eBay
  89. Fritz 11 engine to Chessbase 9
  90. Goichberg Refuses to Release Financials to the Other Board Members
  91. additional engines in Fritz
  92. Should the Perks Suggestion be Implemented?
  93. Mate in 10 by Beginner Level (one more)
  94. Sanny you there ?
  95. ChessBase and FRC960
  96. Chinese Chess
  97. My lit bitty chess program
  98. My lit bitty chess program
  99. Chess Engines!
  100. Sanny did GC surrender or are you busy ?
  101. Rybka 3 by ChessBase
  102. Fractured Board
  103. Any chess game for the XBox ?
  104. Find FREE deal all over the Craigslist site with one click.
  105. Re: Why doesn't Lafferty answer the Section 230 question?
  106. Grant Perks is bringing back the full $100,000 in "imaginary money"
  107. micro-Max 4.0 and 4.8 by H.G.Muller
  108. Computers in online games
  109. Constructions
  110. win the contest and get laptop for free
  111. Thank you Bill Brock for your One Penny book!!!
  112. Grant Perks Undermines Delegate Mandate, Says $120,000 in Fake MoneyHas Been Restored
  113. Opening book tool
  114. Halloween Gambit: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nxe5?! Nxe5
  115. 1. e4 c5 2. Bc4??? What to do with it?
  116. Another year of Fake Numbers from the USCF
  117. can't find Bobby Fisher games in megadatabe from chessbase
  118. To Delegates and Alternates: Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg
  119. Amazing Polgar Gripe and a Repeat of History
  120. GC 's move e4
  121. How do you determine if your opponent is a computer?
  122. GNU chess
  123. GetClub improved by 30% today.
  124. Abusive Remarks and New Controversy on Susan Polgar Blogspot
  125. Seven Days in May, Bobby Fischer's Favorite Book
  126. Re: new uscf lawsuit
  127. Paul Truong Has Filed For Bankruptcy
  128. GetClub Chess improved Twice again !!!
  129. Here is the Paul Truong Bankruptcy Petition
  130. Truong Bankruptcy Petition and Order Discharging Truong in Bankruptcy
  131. Polgar cannot "give a commitment" to go to Beijing
  132. Possible Fraud in Truong Bankruptcy Filing
  133. Polgar Punts on Trip to Beijing
  134. Re: Trolgar Covered by Fox News
  135. Thin Film Coating Material
  137. Open chess database format?
  138. Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCF Executive Board
  139. Reasons for the Petition to Recall Bill Goichberg from the USCFExecutive Board
  140. Polgar Complains About Anti-Polgar Rule
  141. New Developments in the Hanon Russell vs. USCF Disputes
  142. 93 Moves game by GetClub with Jester
  143. engine in arena
  144. Real Reason for Latest Lawsuit against Polgar and Truong in Texas
  145. How do you know if an engine is xyz% better???
  146. To Simon K
  147. Re: Explanation of Need to Oust Goichberg
  149.  GHOST REMOVED 
  150. "Woman's Chess Cup" not "Woman's World Chess Cup Champion"
  151. I Once Beat Susan Polgar
  152. Mailing to the Delegates
  153. home shop 18 - buy Computer Peripherals
  154. The USCF does not need a "nice guy" as Executive Director
  155. Please Analyze this game between Beginner Level & Jester
  156. Toby Products
  157. experiences with Aquarium / Rybka 3 ?
  158. New GC vs Ivan thread
  159. Viewing Dates on Games in Fritz 11
  160. Saitek Mephisto Master question
  161. Re: Second forensic expert finds problems
  162. Re: Bill says run!
  163. Re: Frustrated Kronenberger
  164. Re: Bill says run!
  165. Here is the case filed by the USCF in San Francisco last week
  166. GetClub Chess improved Twice !!!
  167. Re: To put additional pressure on Truong and Polgar.
  168. Why the motion lost in Dallas
  169. Randy Bauer Fails to Attend the Board Meeting
  170. Re: Appellant's Brief in Rankoth vs. Sloan, Supreme Court of theState of New York, Appellate Division, Second Department
  171. Dasher under Xandros
  172. See your score of each move at GetClub.
  173. Home Shop 18 - Computer Game
  174. Rybka 3
  175. Polgar targets national chess group, associates in lawsuit
  176. GetClub vs IVAN new game --
  177. Rybka 3 completo pack ( original )
  178. GetClub Twice Stronger again !!!
  179. Sanny: Some test positions for you
  180. FS: Fidelity Chess Challenger One CC1 - EBAY #330263372848
  181. Big Bug found removed from GetClub Chess.
  182. Rybka 3 New Link
  183. GetClub vs IVAN new game ...
  184. How to load end games into GNU Chess?
  185. Home shop 18 - new computer games
  186. Bishops or Knights which are better?
  187. Excalibur explorer documentation, back battery cover, pieces? PLEASE& THANKS
  188. >>>> $ Free Online Games For Fashion Girls $<<<<
  189. call frends for free world wide
  191. 2 new bugs appeared at GetClub
  192. Susan Polgar's Latest Lawsuit
  193. Re: Truong Speaks Himself (not under the Polgar nom de plume)
  194. Re: Pauline E. Braun
  195. home shop 18 - latest computer games
  196. Re: Pauline E. Braun
  197. Visit my Chess Blog!!!
  198. Please Analyze game between Beginner & Jester
  199. Beatriz Marinello Replies to Susan Polgar Lawyer's Letter
  200. Computer games
  201. The 1st world intellect games
  202. what is the most popular recreational game in China?
  203. GetClub Chess Stronger than ever !!!
  204. Sanny: Do you want more test positions?
  205. Longest game at GetClub [101 moves] Help Bot vs Normal
  206. Re: Chess from Morphy to Botvinnik by Imre Kφnig
  207. Re: Appeal in Rankoth vs. Sloan
  208. Constitutionally protected speech??
  209. Long time players needs some help
  210. Re: Sloan Federal Action Dismissed
  211. Scid 3.6.25 (chess database, playing and training application)
  212. Chess games very interesting at GetClub
  213. chess clock apps for iPhone
  214. The Correlator
  215. free antivirus
  216. Federal Lawsuit Against Chess Officials Is Dismissed in Dispute OverOnline Messages
  217. Corrected Link...Vote in Poll!
  218. Esther Elizabeth Reed, Professional Chess Player ??
  219. Pls analyze this game of Beginner Level
  220. New Ivan vs GC game,Ivan is white for the first time.
  221. Novag Citrine & Playchess
  223. problem calling Fritz 10 From Chessbase 10
  224. Chess game recorder for iPhone?
  225. Question about Arena
  226. New Chess Forum
  228. Re: U.S. Supreme Court brief in SEC vs. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103(1978)
  229. The History of SCID
  230. ChessBase and Correspondence Chess
  231. Chess Assistant 9.1 registration servers down!
  232. Outstandingly Beautiful Girl Chess Master Nobody Has Noticed Yet
  233. The **** Hits the Fan Today! (Tune in later.)
  234. New Game , Ivan vs GC , Ivan as white , GC black
  235. Play chess online against a computer on a web page
  236. After long time GetClub Chess improved twice.
  237. Download Answer and Counterclaim filed in Polgar vs. USCF, NorthernDistrict of Texas
  238. a domain-specific programming language for chess?
  239. CrayBlitz
  240. Games by Help Bot & Taylor Kingston.
  241. Re: Today again game improve Twice
  242. USCF sucks--play your chess computer or online
  243. FRITZ is God
  244. GetClub Ha Ha Ha, GetClub Ha Ha Ha ...
  245. Re: Today again game improve Twice
  246. Chessbase again...
  247. Strong players at GetClub Chess
  248. Chess in the future...
  249. A mobile phone for Chess..
  250. Defendants in Polgar vs. USCF Move for an Extension of Time to Answer