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  1. i can be your trainer and you can be my trainer
  2. Chess (computer) game in movie "Contract"
  3. Futuristic games.
  4. Kasparov vs Bareev - 1-0 or 1/2-1/2 ???
  5. Recommendations sought for a certain type of chess program
  6. Alessandro Salvio
  7. which aggressive and defensive engine?
  8. Win with Damiano's Defense
  9. Brian Lafferty to be suspended
  10. Schaeffer's paper online
  11. Difference between node and leaf in tree
  12. Poor Sammy. Will he sleep on the floor again?
  13. CM 10
  14. Mikhail Botvinnik - Tigran V Petrosian
  15. Novag Star Ruby Vs. Novag Star Sapphire
  16. GM Joel Benjamin got beat by Rybka .....
  17. Alexander Pichushkin - The chessboard killer
  18. Best engine for analysis?
  19. Test position
  20. Turing engine
  21. Statistical significance of score differences - new release of ChessDB
  22. Fritz10 irritating arrows
  23. Bill Gates vs. Richard Stallman -- Guy Macon
  24. Re: Bill Gates vs. Richard Stallman
  25. How long to email games from ICC?
  26. Computer opening play and Chess256
  27. Is Brian Lafferty gay lover of Sam Sloan?
  28. Re: Computer vs. human matches and Chess256
  29. Re: GM Joel Benjamin vs Rybka today.Give us your break down Helpbot
  30. Tigran V Petrosian - Mikhail Botvinnik
  31. Re: computer nerds
  32. When did Linus Torvalds first own a trademark on the word "Linux?" -Guy Macon
  33. Dynamic Chess Strategy eBook
  34. Fritz UI "Not responding" with Rybka
  35. GetClub Chess working Again.
  36. Beta release of Scid for Pocket PC
  37. GetClub Chess beat Worlds Strongest Computer Game !!!
  38. Who's the biggest asshole? Brian Lafferty, Brenan Nierman or Sam Sloan?
  39. Marcus and his sister
  40. Brian P. Lafferty behaves like a 3 year old
  41. I am hereby suspending Brian P. Lafferty from society
  42. Senator Gravel: Sam Sloan is a dickhead
  43. Mikhail Botvinnik - Max Euwe
  44. New Online Chess club
  45. An Error removed from GetClub Chess
  46. Personal Chess Trainer
  47. game annotations
  48. Brian P. Lafferty plans to sue the USCF
  49. Blitz rating, Fritz10 and Genius
  50. Kurt Fdel --Guy Macon
  51. Game Corrected (2 more errors removed.)
  52. Fritz 10 - Tablebases
  53. Wanted - games from weaker players
  54. Sam Sloan is joining force with Brian P Lafferty to sue the USCF
  55. Are you unable to complete games at GetClub.
  56. Garry Kasparov - Anatoly Karpov
  57. Cheats on ICC. 'arjunshah'
  58. move table
  59. ANN: Chess Openings Wizard "Pro" coming out at noon
  60. Winners for Aug 2007 at GetClub Chess.
  61. Diagrams in ChessBase8.0
  62. Blundercheck Annotation Quirks
  63. Beginner Level beat Nomorechess Twice on same day.
  64. ChessBase 8.0 Diagrams
  65. Anatoly Karpov - Garry Kasparov
  66. Engine Breaking Positions
  67. Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory has just been published today
  68. interesting puzzle......try this you will be rewarded...
  69. Duncan Oxley has died
  70. Easy Questions: The Ultimate Easy Quiz
  71. USCF rating page
  72. Kasparov Pocket Plus INstructions?i
  73. DGT Board Competitors?
  74. professional and cheap powerleveling site
  75. Why are you Winning at GetClub Chess.
  76. Haunting words from Duncan Oxley about Brian Lafferty
  77. I'm old, I'm wrinkled, but I'm still a prick
  78. Chessbase 9 - Layout ?!!
  79. Request to chess book authors - make PGN's available!
  80. Attorney Brian Lafferty is a horse's ass
  81. Brian Lafferty replaces Sam Sloan as the biggest dickhead
  82. Four Player Chess
  83. Searching UCI engine that can simulate ELO
  84. Can you tell me about pawn structure?
  86. Can Fritz8 beat GetClub Master Level.
  87. Knight Moves
  88. Advice on Chess Computers
  89. Nomorechess desire fulfilled by GetClub Chess.
  90. How To Fool Fritz, but not Fischer
  91. Jonathan S Speelman - Garry Kasparov
  92. Fidelity Chess Challenger Manual
  93. 110 best chess moves ever
  94. Source for Eight Officers Problem?
  95. Getclub Chess beat whitehat with easy level.
  96. Zap Zanziber Trade?
  98. Need simplistic jelp setting up insterface/engine
  99. Rybka vs Zappa chess computers starts the 20 th to 27
  100. ChessWorld.net problem logging on
  101. Reformed Chess
  102. GetClub Chess Game Tweaked.
  103. Scid for Pocket PC (database chess program)
  104. Excalibur Chessmaster 747K Chess Computer MODs
  105. GetClub Chess Game was improved
  106. Re: Zap beats Rybka in close match..
  107. Re: Zap beats Rybka in close match..
  108. Depth Fist Search and Breadth First Search and using array
  109. Re: Zap beats Rybka in close match..
  110. September 2007 Winners at GetClub Chess Competition.
  111. Alexander Alekhine - Emanuel Lasker
  112. Proposed unsigned TRO in Sloan vs. Truong, USCF, et al, 07 CIV 8537
  113. One of the best game I have ever seen.
  114. THE ART OF TROLLING: Winding up the net
  115. Now, play Chess with Human Opponents OR Computer at GetClub Site.
  116. Question about 'CSTal II' Files
  117. Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory can now be ordered online
  118. New version of Scid Pocket (database and training)
  119. Are you facing problem playing at GetClub Chess.
  120. Fritz 10 problem, running out of time and weak Fritz 10
  121. We even made the Lubbock Texas Advance Journal
  122. Is Sanny for Real?
  123. Why Easy Level Lost the Chess Game.
  124. Help bot memory is not weak.
  125. Fritz 11
  126. GTC; the Gnu Troller Collection -Guy Macon
  127. John Fernandez comments
  128. Re: Postings disrespectful of Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk
  129. Computer software(programs, applications...)
  130. Re: Postings disrespectful of Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk
  131. Ŷ*1912-1949ɲ528ѡ400ͣAntique 1912-1949 Porcelain teapot 528 chinaware 400 invitation visit
  132. Watch NFL Games Online
  133. HP Desktop for sale!
  134. Rescuing Mig Greengard
  136. Fatloss computer program
  137. Re: Rob Mitchell is a con man and swindler
  138. Chess Middle Game Mastery: A Useful Resource For All!
  139. Which Deep * Chessbase product?
  140. Re: a nice boardgame
  141. end game?
  142. Re: Susan Polgar's blog
  143. CM 11
  144. Re: USCF is not ready to die
  145. Rob The Robber") Mitchell trashes the USCF to the New York Times
  146. Eric Moskow posts to The New York Times
  147. How can i post two chess computer site on here ?
  148. Re: The Mystery of the USCF Computer Taken by Miss P
  149. Juega gratis, sin lmite de tiempo
  150. Welcome back at GetClub Chess.
  151. Welcome back at GetClub Chess.
  152. Damage Control
  153. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester played today
  154. Question related to Zobrist keys
  155. Sam Sloan replies to Chris Falter
  156. Re: Polgar Spouts Forth Yet Again
  157. Re: Polgar Spouts Forth Yet Again
  158. Merging several cbv-files (zipped) to one database (CB8)
  159. Texas Tech Campus Newspaper has new article about Polgar, Truong lawsuit
  160. Re: CM 11
  161. Texas Tech too finds conflict of interest in Susan Polgar
  162. Reasons why Sam Sloan was censured by the USCF Executive Board
  163. Gregory Alexander keeps defending Paul Truong
  164. Fake Bill Goichberg breaks into the USCF President's account
  165. Re: Guy Macon's suggested changes to USCF/FIDE rules
  166. Settlement Proposals
  167. Polgar Wars: Polgar Group Declares Victory
  168. Susan's Claims that her Family has been threatened
  169. HOT NEWS: Gregory Alexander has been logging in as Bill Goichberg for at least one month
  170. How the Mottershead Report became public
  171. Bill Brock cites the United Mine Workers
  172. Archive availabe?
  173. Rule 4(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Proceedure
  174. Engine Test Position
  175. Blogs Discussing the Lawsuit
  176. CB9
  177. Re: Paul Truong is the Fake Sam Sloan
  178. Re: Polgar Deja Vue
  179. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  180. Re: What will Sam Sloan do to improve chess?
  181. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  182. Scid 3.6.19 released (chess database and training software)
  183. amount of memory needed?
  184. November 3, 2007 USCF Executive Board meeting
  185. GetClub Chess further improved !!!
  186. GetClub Chess further improved !!!
  187. Goichberg's anti-Sam Sloan Revised EB election voting method
  188. Re: Watch the Board Meeting Now
  189. GetClub Chess beat Jester in just 28 Moves !!!
  190. Mark Nibbelin, SteveTN still defend the Fake Sam Sloan
  191. Re: Truong Can't Enter California
  192. Re: November 3-4, 2007 USCF Executive Board Meeting
  193. Lawsuit Process Server in Sloan vs. Truong on mp3 file
  194. ICOfY Base 1.0.5 Preview 1 available - A free chess games collection
  195. Donna Alarie is Bad Bad Bad mp3 file
  196. Chessbase 10
  197. GetClub vs. Jester games faked?
  198. Meeting Link, Accounting Crisis discussed at USCF Board meeting
  199. Bill Hall calls USCF member complaints "ridiculous, salacious"
  200. Lucas Contract debate at the USCF Executive Board meetings
  201. Re: November 3-4, 2007 USCF Executive Board Meeting
  202. Re: Joel Channing's Retirement World
  203. Board to Hold Next Meeting on the Internet
  204. FAKE Scid released (chess database software)
  205. 2 Bugs removed from GetClub Chess.
  206. Re: November 3-4, 2007 USCF Executive Board Meeting
  207. How do you rank GetClub Chess?
  208. Fritz 9 and Shredder 10
  209. Have you tried before the latest edition of the Voice Changer Software
  210. Having some issues with Fritz
  211. new free Chess Openings Wizard Lite
  212. What type of Games you would like to Play other than Chess.
  213. "Guests" on the USCF Issues Forum
  214. Re: Legal Threats from William Brock
  215. I have two computer chess games to post , how do you post ?
  216. Chessbase 10
  217. Powerful powerleveling !
  218. Wonderful news!
  219. Why Published Theory Differs From Computer Analysis!?
  220. Online Games Of Skill
  221. World Youth Chess Championship 2007 - Antalya
  222. World Chess Cup 2007 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  223. New version of ScidPocket
  224. Arena and Crafty SE: how to configure Crafty?
  225. Chess Related Downloads And Password
  226. mamer and similar programs
  227. FREE Online Games Beta Testers Wanted
  228. Re: A Non-Denial Denial by Paul Truong
  229. What part of a computer makes the chess program play it'sstrongest?
  230. want to know ur computer spares price list
  231. Does anyone recognize this old chess-computer description?
  232. Is this a Threat by Susan Polgar to sue the USCF ???
  233. Re: What type of End Game are Drawn?
  234. Biased appointments to the moderation teams?
  235. Engine Test Position (English A33)
  236. Re: Another Scandal involving "Volunteer of the Month"
  237. Re: Has the USCF Issues Forum Closed Down??
  238. Non-Grandmaster Games
  239. Chessmaster XI question...
  240. Letter-Answer from US Attorney in Sloan vs. Truong
  241. Re: GetClub Chess further improved.
  242. Re: Who Does Proskauer Rose Represent?
  243. icc insane assylum
  244. Interview with GM Koneru Humpy
  245. What is the Rating of Help Bot?
  246. Re: Randy Bauer continues to evade
  247. Determining Chess Strategy Via Computer Analysis!?
  248. Help Bot to be awarded 225 Free Games at GetClub
  249. christmas soon...
  250. Win 30$ after Registered