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  1. Problem (combinatorial, with a chess flavor)
  2. fritz 9 chess course
  3. Re: My old man won!!! sam Sloan, about time, What a reliefe....OUT WITH THE OLD
  4. Is a pawn worth a sacrifice?
  5. Sam Sloan's Secret Agenda for the USCF
  6. Chess Assistant 9
  7. Re: Ensuring Sam Sloan does not get to sit on the EB
  8. Re: Ensuring Sam Sloan does not get to sit on the EB
  9. Re: Ensuring Sam Sloan does not get to sit on the EB
  10. Legal threats from Polgar and Truong
  11. either Chess or the USCF nonsense, not both / Re: Ensuring Sam Sloan ...
  12. Best processor
  13. Does Pocket Fritz 2 Run on Windows Mobile?
  14. Re: Ensuring Sam Sloan does not get to sit on the EB
  15. A big program mistake was found.
  16. Delphi or C??
  17. Delphi or C
  18. Chessmaster 11?
  19. Now you cannot Cheat the Computer by closing the browser.
  20. Notes on building eboard (UNIX front end)
  21. Anyone seen a preview of ICC software?
  22. ICC Server quit guests
  23. Sanny's Engine... something good, something weird.
  24. Chess Position Trainer 3.2 ready for download
  25. Is Pocket Fritz being developed any more?
  26. Is Pocket Fritz being developed any more?
  27. Game playing tougher than ever.
  28. Novag Beluga
  29. Mac Software Recomendations
  30. GNU Chess 5.07
  31. Crafty with muliple UltraSPARC CPUs
  32. Easy CHess for Beginners
  33. Script to classify ICC games as Bullet, Blitz or Standard
  34. Mac Client for FICS
  35. Database bug on Pocket Fritz 2.
  36. Chess and Backgammon
  37. MyChess Database
  38. Re: GNU Chess - breach of GPL
  39. Boycott Gettysburg
  40. Thinkerboard for Pocket PC
  41. Vektor 3 Spikes my CPU
  42. Research Position For Functional MRI of CHESS
  43. FICS vs icc
  44. US ****
  45. Blackberry Chess
  46. Deep Junior 10
  47. Suggestions for tags on ICC (perhaps others too)
  48. tbgen and datacomp sources
  49. The Bitch speaks
  50. New directives from the USCF Executive Board
  51. ICS/ICC protocol reference?
  52. Chess Assistant PGN lockup
  53. my wrong understanding for negamax with depth=1
  54. Deep Junior 10 GS 2930 test suite results
  55. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  56. Re: Virtually All USCF Financial Records have been Destroyed
  57. Re: Virtually All USCF Financial Records have been Destroyed
  58. Great Online Game...If you can't online at least 5 hours every day, DON'T sing up and play this game.
  59. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  60. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  61. New basic book for learning to play Go (Adv.)
  62. GetClub Chess Challenge increasing (Taylor Kingston Beware)
  63. Re: Link of your Popular Website.
  64. Program for Sanny to generate next post.
  65. Pocket Grandmaster moving twice.
  66. Need help with Chessmaster 9000 endgame
  67. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  68. Can Bobby Fischer travel ??
  69. Pocket Fritz 2 - please complain to chessbase
  70. "Chess is a Draw" conference call
  71. GREAT PLAYER "Bobby Pfuscher" won Advance Level.
  72. PocketPC and chess servers
  73. Rating and computer performance in Chessmaster 10
  74. how to find out if a move is valid
  75. Internet Chess 4 pda is awsome
  76. GetClub Chess further improved.
  77. S-Jeng (in weak mode)
  78. Which version of Rybka should I get?
  79. Need some help in the analysis of a chess composition
  80. Runtime error during Fritz analysis
  81. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  82. Re: Bobby Fischer has been reinstated in the USCF
  83. Sevilla Competition Manager 11.1.2
  84. positions for the Nalimov 6-piece KRPKBP database
  85. TWIC issues
  86. Why bother with Sanny's program ???
  87. Position upper bound 169 bits WITH PROOF
  88. Popeye windows NT interface
  89. PGN Specification Revision
  90. POS 1.0
  91. Game site
  92. Help with setting in Fritz UI
  93. Was sacrifice sound? Engines think not.
  94. Hiarcs X50?
  95. My new chess book is out
  96. Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player
  97. Play chess online on your mobile phone on FICS and ICC with free client
  98. autoplay using xboard/winboard interface
  99. Mac program Gambit won't allow me to save to PGN files
  100. Shredder 10 special edition playing strength
  101. computer chess competitions
  102. Chess Program in Lua?
  103. Wake up and smell the sheesh kebab!
  104. GetClub "Beginner level" won 5 Games out of 6 games
  105. autoplay
  106. Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player
  107. Playing at FICS and ICC on PDAs (Windows Mobile and Palm OS)
  108. Fritz Rating List
  109. Randy Bauer is wrong again
  110. playchess server
  111. xboard protocol ambiguities
  112. Re: Chessbase and Pocket Fritz 2
  113. I'm responsible for the Presidential Proclamation
  114. castling on freechess
  115. Problems when making a new book with crafty v20.14
  117. Convert screen shot to PGN
  118. chess engines by Dutch programmers
  119. weak xboard compatible chess engines running under Linux?
  120. chess on mobile phones
  121. Rosemary Fischer
  122. Do you recognize this World Chess Champion
  123. IVAN vs FRITZ Playing now
  124. Crafty 20.14 into Deep Fritz 8
  125. Chess Assistant 2.0 Dos
  126. anyone have loop Mp for trade
  127. anyone have Loop10 Mp for trade?
  128. here's another puzzle
  129. Is Rybka (or other engines) faster in Arena than chessbase?
  130. Best software for analysis
  131. Don't make that move make another one.
  132. How to Capture Positions, Display on Website
  133. My apology to all
  134. teaching software
  135. diagram printer
  136. Fischer's Game Wanted
  137. Banning Rob Mitchell, Phil Innes and Larry Parr
  138. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, my dear friend
  139. Playing Fritz 9 Rated Game as black?
  140. Universal Chess Interface (UCI) Proxy
  141. Muzzling Sloan
  142. Rybka in ChessBase Light
  143. Any tips for computer chess?
  144. How turn off intro in CM9k?
  145. Software bug - valid reason for a refund??
  146. Re: HUGE NEWS!!! Kramnik Forfeits Game # 5
  147. Kramnik
  148. ChessMaster
  149. ChessMaster 10th edition ?
  150. Chessbase think they are better than us????
  151. CM 9000 opening screen skip?
  152. "some chess" program
  153. parsing short algebraic notation
  154. Iran is like Kramnik
  155. short algebraic notation to long algebraic notation
  156. Best Damn Online Chess Anywhere/testing...
  157. Bobby Fischer
  158. Kramnik Toilet Record
  159. Nomorechess Ahead of Taylor Kingston Atlast !!!
  160. A chess tournament
  161. Suggestion for good free windows app
  162. I fully support ...
  163. Kramnik usng Fritz9?
  164. Test of cheating with Fritz
  165. Looking for games that are in the Starting out series
  166. Why all the music in Fritz9?
  167. Fritz 7 Window sizing
  168. openingbook files in Fruit 2.2.1. question
  169. Capa cheated with CM9k in 1918!
  170. Scoring goodness of move ordering
  171. Re: <more Gordon Roy Parker temper tantrums>
  172. when Chessbase 10?
  173. Chessmaster 10 Starting a game
  174. USchesslive vs ICC vs FICS
  175. Setting up a computer player in CM 10
  176. How to improve GetClub Chess Game?
  177. Rybka question
  178. Dasher Interface and Analysis
  179. Karmnick vs Fritz starts November 25 i belive
  180. Bugs in Pocket Grandmaster.
  181. q questions about Chessmaster 9000
  182. Strong UNIX chess programs
  183. DiagTransfer a free chess tool new version
  184. computer upgrade question
  185. At last I won a game with Beginner Level.
  186. Help needed with Toga (Fruit), polyglot and scid on UNIX
  187. Topalov's Neighbor
  188. ICC ratings
  189. Re: New WCC Sponsor: $10 mil match
  190. AF4C and Bill Goichberg are ruining chess
  191. chessmaster 9000 - avoid using the CD
  192. Crafty 20.14 running slow
  193. Chess Problems
  194. A Question for Sam Sloan?
  195. Trouble with opening book for PolyGlot
  196. Hotties in chess are cool
  197. Chess Game further improved. (Time Managment)
  198. chess set in box with large hand carved/turned wooden chess pieces-$25
  199. Re: Is the real Sam Sloan running for Congress, and if so, is he violating Federal Law?
  200. Piece Value
  201. How make CM9k analyse with 64M Hash
  202. How to create opening book for Toga (fruit)
  203. Positions with the most legal moves
  204. Searching: TASCBOARD chess pieces (first / second hand)
  205. One more question on Chessmaster 9000
  206. Bug fix for scid
  207. Chessbase Lite suddenly lost analysis capability
  208. Nomorechess is going to be beaten now!!!
  209. Bug fix for scid
  210. Sanny is a nice person
  211. Who's the greatest player of all time?
  212. looking for chess-game 'Xchess' for Atari ST
  213. Re: Chess Fascists?
  214. Best Hand-held chess computer w/electronic display
  215. No Substitute For Hardwork
  216. openingbook fileformat? sample sources? what to use?
  217. Guy Macon's Longest Possible Game Of Chess Calculation
  218. openings grandmaster call replay
  219. Chess Puzzle Generator
  220. stop Frizt 8 flash screen
  221. mobile phone chess
  222. New forum of chess
  223. New online Chess arena!
  224. Tough Competition going at GetClub Chess.
  225. Fritz 10 - dual core support?
  226. Re: Scintific American article on chess and intelligence
  227. Precomputed Bitboards
  228. Blitzin - detection of expired trial accounts.
  229. A funny Read
  230. Chessmaster 10th Edition question
  231. Switching players in Chessmaster 10
  232. anybody know what is going on with FICS?
  233. Chessmaster
  234. ICC
  235. Re: Ray v. USCF
  236. Improve your chess in 7 days or less
  237. Re: Improve your chess in 7 days or less
  238. Re: Rip-off of Reinfeld? (was: Improve your chess in 7 days or less)
  239. alt.binaries.chess
  240. Tough Competition at GetClub Chess by new Players.
  241. Online chess client for WM2003 SE or WM2005?
  242. ATTN TERRY my CM9k screen
  243. Immortal Game: Book Review
  244. Re: Kirsan Ilyunzhinov is a DRUG DEALER
  245. Play real-time or correspondence style Chess
  246. help with analysis
  247. Re: USCF going forward ...
  248. Re: USCF has left me no choice but to sue them.
  249. GetClub Game Development Stopped due to Money
  250. my guarantee