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  1. Brian P Lafferty supports a convicted felon
  2. Brian P Lafferty insulted the great Kevin Bachler of Illinois
  3. Paul Morphy - Henry Edward Bird
  4. Will Brian Lafferty sue the USCF?
  5. Who are the 600 idiots who voted for Sam Sloan?
  6. Re: Free Chess Guide
  7. Brenan Nierman took the lead as the resident idiot
  8. Brenan Nierman supports convicted felon Sam Sloan
  9. What is wrong with George and Brenan Nierman?
  10. My game against the computer
  11. Sloan, Brenan Nierman, Brian Lafferty are mindless idiots
  12. Food preparation for chess tournaments?
  13. Praveen Thipsay Puzzles
  14. Mikhail Botvinnik - Vassily Smyslov
  15. chess puzzle videos for the casual player
  16. i can be your trainer and you can be my trainer
  17. Dilworth, Revisited
  18. Kasparov vs Bareev - 1-0 or 1/2-1/2 ???
  19. Who is or was the greatest chessplayer?
  20. Alessandro Salvio
  21. need advice regarding danish gambit line
  22. Win with Damiano's Defense
  23. Brian Lafferty to be suspended
  24. More new opening theory in chess
  25. Did Fischer was autism?
  26. Chess Composition
  27. Did Fischer have autism?
  28. Poor Sammy. Will he sleep on the floor again?
  29. Mikhail Botvinnik - Tigran V Petrosian
  30. Play the French 2nd edition, by Watson.
  31. Alexander Pichushkin - The chessboard killer
  32. Book - Gary Kasparov - Game Analysis ??
  33. Statistical significance of score differences - new release of ChessDB
  34. Is Brian Lafferty gay lover of Sam Sloan?
  35. Tigran V Petrosian - Mikhail Botvinnik
  36. Dynamic Chess Strategy eBook
  37. GetClub Chess working Again.
  38. Analysis of a short drawn game
  39. GetClub Chess beat Worlds Strongest Computer Game !!!
  40. Who's the biggest asshole? Brian Lafferty, Brenan Nierman or Sam Sloan?
  41. Marcus and his sister
  42. Brian P. Lafferty behaves like a 3 year old
  43. I am hereby suspending Brian P. Lafferty from society
  44. Senator Gravel: Sam Sloan is a dickhead
  45. Mikhail Botvinnik - Max Euwe
  46. An Error removed from GetClub Chess
  47. LOL at this spammer
  48. Internet Chess Club
  49. Personal Chess Trainer
  50. game annotations
  51. Brian P. Lafferty plans to sue the USCF
  52. Game Corrected (2 more errors removed.)
  53. Sam Sloan is joining force with Brian P Lafferty to sue the USCF
  54. Are you unable to complete games at GetClub.
  55. Garry Kasparov - Anatoly Karpov
  56. The great escape - almost mated, but got there first.
  57. game annotations
  58. Antique 1912-1949 Porcelain teapot 528 chinaware 400 Website invitation visit
  59. Winners for Aug 2007 at GetClub Chess.
  60. game annotations
  61. game annotations
  62. Pls help me analyze
  63. Blundercheck Annotation Quirks
  64. Beginner Level beat Nomorechess Twice on same day.
  65. Anatoly Karpov - Garry Kasparov
  66. Pal Benko's Endgame Laboratory has just been published today
  67. interesting puzzle......try this you will be rewarded...
  68. Duncan Oxley has died
  69. Rook and Pawn vs Queen in endgame.
  70. Why are you Winning at GetClub Chess.
  71. Haunting words from Duncan Oxley about Brian Lafferty
  72. I'm old, I'm wrinkled, but I'm still a prick
  73. Chessbase 9 - Layout ?!!
  74. Request to chess book authors - make PGN's available!
  75. Anand vs Shirov 2000 - French Tarrasch or 3.Nc3 ?
  76. Attorney Brian Lafferty is a horse's ass
  77. Brian Lafferty replaces Sam Sloan as the biggest dickhead
  78. game annotations
  79. Can you tell me about pawn structure?
  80. Can Fritz8 beat GetClub Master Level.
  81. Can Fritz8 beat GetClub Master Level.
  82. Nomorechess desire fulfilled by GetClub Chess.
  83. Jonathan S Speelman - Garry Kasparov
  84. Getclub Chess beat whitehat with easy level.
  85. Jude Acers is playing in the World Senior Championship in Austria
  86. GetClub Chess Game Tweaked.
  87. Famous Video: Sofia Polgar defeats Korchnoi
  88. Why is Anand so good?
  89. GetClub Chess Game was improved
  90. Polgar says that she "Did not pull a Gorbachev" by playing 1. g4 on the ceremonial first move
  91. Grischuk in theory lost in the opening
  92. September 2007 Winners at GetClub Chess Competition.
  93. Alexander Alekhine - Emanuel Lasker
  94. Jessie Gilbert's new website
  95. One of the best game I have ever seen.
  96. Now, play Chess with Human Opponents OR Computer at GetClub Site.
  97. Why Easy Level Lost the Chess Game.
  98. Chessville Open Selected Game
  99. WCC Cycle
  100. Jessie Gilbert Celebration Tournament announced
  101. Watch NFL Games Online
  102. Larry Kaufman Repertorie as White: Chess Advantage in Black and White
  103. HP Desktop for sale!
  104. Endgame - can white win this?
  105. Fatloss computer program
  106. Chess Middle Game Mastery: A Useful Resource For All!
  107. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester played today
  108. CM 11
  109. Fischer-Ree, Nathanya 1968
  110. Chess Video honored on you tube
  111. Re: Paul Truong is the Fake Sam Sloan
  112. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  113. Capablanca Ruy Lopez Exchange variation : Video
  114. An very interesting game between GetClub & Jester.
  115. Who here has both FICS and FIDE ratings?
  116. Ray Cheng, 'Practical Chess Exercises'
  117. Free Prescription Assistance Provided By American Consultants Rx
  118. GetClub Chess beat Jester in just 28 Moves !!!
  119. ICOfY Base 1.0.5 Preview 1 available - A free chess games collection
  120. What happened to this newsgroup?
  121. Castles, mate (Helpmate problem)
  122. Sam Sloan beat USCF Master Richard Koepcke in 10 moves
  123. EPD software
  124. Nomorechess Suggestions implemented at GetClub.
  125. Tal Memorial 2007, Moscow - final games and standings
  126. World Chess Cup 2007 in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  127. Rook House Chess Website
  128. Chess Related Downloads And Password
  129. chess PDF
  130. GetClub Chess further improved.
  131. What type of End Game are Drawn?
  132. Fischer-Spassky 1992 Revisited
  133. Engine Test Position (English A33)
  134. Bonsai beaten by Easy Level at GetClub Chess.
  135. kamsky at world cup
  136. can kamsky beat carlsen
  137. 2 More Bugs Removed from GetClub Chess
  138. BISHOPS
  139. icc insane assylum
  140. Re: Kamsky/Shirov are finalists for World Cup 2007
  141. endgame, stalemate or checkmate?
  142. Did Shirov just miss a winning move in game 2?
  143. Christmas Shopping Deals
  144. Very Difficult Games.
  145. Will USCF support Kamsky?
  146. Win 30$ after Registered
  147. My(?) new chess variant
  148. do game powerleveling
  149. Washington Square Park
  150. Kamsky chess boom
  151. OT - Aquestion about chess.
  152. Analyze this game between GetClub & Zester.
  153. New cutting edge Chess Technology, MONROI
  154. GetClub Crippled in Just 24 Moves.
  155. Re: and for old men
  156. Engine generation of an opening book
  157. Bobby Fischer is dead !
  158. Please Analyze this Game between Help Bot & Beginner.
  159. really good endgame book for kids
  160. Is a handshake really a big deal?
  161. wijk an zee
  162. King vs King Draw?
  163. Perfect Computer vs Computer Chess Game?
  164. Computer vs Computer Chess Books?
  165. Solving Chess
  166. chess
  167. Grandmaster or Highest Rating by Draw?
  168. Chessbase
  169. Please Analyze Game with Help Bot vs Normal Level
  170. A funny game between GetClub & Jester.
  171. Re: Forthcoming Kamsky Topalov Match
  172. Heres a game between Help Bot and Easy.
  173. Happy Valentina's Day
  174. Re: First Draft: Re: Blue Book Encyclopedia of Chess
  175. Re: First Draft: Re: Blue Book Encyclopedia of Chess
  176. The Blue Book and Encyclopedia of Chess
  177. funny games
  178. Smith-Morra Gambit Declined
  179. GetClub(Beginner) beat Rybka at Best Level
  180. Why Rybka Won GetClub An Analysis.
  181. GetClub (Beginner) played Rybka till end Game. [51 Moves]
  182. Jedediah...Are They? I Promise, I'm Not Angry Anymore...
  183. Is sacrificing Rook for Knight Correct.
  184. We Are Your All GetClub All The Time Newsgroup!!! GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub GetClub!
  185. Re: First Draft: Re: Blue Book Encyclopedia of Chess
  186. Is there World Chess Competition for Chess Programs?
  187. Brand new HTC Cruise & 8GB Nokia N95 & Pioneer CDJ MK3 For sale
  188. rybka engine free
  189. How about a Baby Level at GetClub?
  190. Please analyze Game between Normal and HelpBot.
  192. chessvideos.tv
  193. Re: False identities
  194. Re: Nunn vs. Evans (Sam's dreadful memory) (was: False identities)
  195. Re: Nunn vs. Evans (Sam's dreaful memory) (was: False identities)
  196. Has Checkers Been Solved?
  197. Tal's winning chess combinations
  198. Re: "The Outline of Contract Bridge" by Louis H. Watson has been sentto the printers
  199. Beautiful game Camp vs Wolfe 1992
  201. NEWS FLASH: De Ludo Schaccorum, by Luca Pacioli
  202. Mitchell vs Sloan 2008
  203. Bobby Fischer WAS HELPING Kasparov, Korchnoi, and Topalov!!!!
  204. Worlds best game by Rybka against Easy Level.
  205. Nice Chess Problem!
  206. Nice Chess problem
  207. Two nice challenging problems!
  208. GetClub Chess further improved as seen against Rybka !!!
  209. Four Challenging Chess problems
  210. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Chrisf
  211. Week # 16 chess problems
  212. Please Analyze the Advance Level best Game
  213. Re: The President's Daughter by Nan Britton
  214. Week 17 Chess Problems!
  215. I lost a drawn? endgame against GM Nakamura today.
  216. Analyze game between Help Bot & Normal Level
  217. Zebediah win against the Advance Level, Please Analyze?
  218. Week 18 chess problems..
  219. The Rating of Chess Players, Past and Present, by Arpad Elo reprintedtoday
  220. Week # 19 Chess Problems
  221. game with 16 queens and mate-in-4, game with 18 queens - courtesylikesforests
  222. Can White win this position?
  223. Re: suojaosuus
  224. Help Bot struggled to beat the Advance Level.
  225. CT-Art 3.0 not working on VISTA
  226. King's Indian Avoided?
  227. Manual of the Game of Chess by P.R. von Bilguer, 1880 Edition
  228. Most interesting game by Zebediah.
  229. Invitation to take part in university online survey aboutdeterminants of chess skill
  230. Game with Rybka Drawn. !!!
  231. national open favorite game
  232. 200 Miniature Games of Chess : Combinations in the Openings (1942) ByJ. DuMont
  233. Two Rooks vs Knight+Rook ending?
  234. GetClub Chess made Twice Better.
  235. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  236. question on slav defense
  237. Is this game properly played by Master Level?
  238. all twic games for a particular year or years?
  239. Zebediah made the King dance from e8-a1.
  240. GetClub - what the frick ?!?
  241. Survey on chess skill
  243. CHESS LIFE ANNUALS, HB, 47 DIFFERENT,1961-2007 ON EBAY correct link
  244. Please Analyze this game between Easy Level & Rybka
  247. GetClub will play like Human Beings.
  249. Re: I met the Great Ed Trice
  250. Visit my chess blog